Negotiations strategies and techniques

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2 days (14 hours)
To guarantee a true win-win outcome by maximising on your profitability and customer satisfaction


  • Measure the risks, handle objections, adjust your attitude.
  • Learn to use sales strategies and implement tactic.
  • Get your point across in any situation.
  • Develop your own negotiating talents for all professional situations.
  • Be able to adapt to difficult situations and win.

Pour qui ?

Anyone who needs to persuade and influence, in order to achieve their goals.


English B1 (Intermediate English) : Can understand the main points of clear standard input on familiar matters regularly encountered in work, leisure, etc. 


Programme de la formation

Efficient negotiating principles

  • What are the qualities that define a good negotiator?
  • What lies hidden in the negotiation game?


Secrets of the manipulation of negotiating components

  • The goal and objectives.
  • How to evaluate the costs and risks?
  • How to hold or reverse the balance of power?
  • The means of the negotiating entrepreneur: how to position his strengths.
  • Protagonist information: what information can you use to your advantage?
  • Timing: how it can become your ally.
  • Tactics: how to turn around obstacles to successfully convince your opponent.
  • Concessions: how to manage them.
  • Reasoning: how to influence others with integrity.
  • Communicating: the art of converging mutual interests.
  • The conclusion: a successful closing in 7 points!


How to lead a successful negotiation ?

  • Seduce your client with the first impression by using confidence knowledge and competence.
  • Using the « 3D » technique to identify precise expectations.
  • The « SONCAS » methods for identifying the clients’ motivation.
  • How to intelligently present the offer to better seduce the client?
  • How to negotiate in all circumstances using winning methods?
  • Negotiate the best compromises: know how to manage concessions.
  • Handling objections.


Style and types of negotiations

  • Four style types of negotiators.
  • How to adapt to different styles of negotiators?
  • Developing your own style.


The art of negotiating within conflict

  • How to treat objections before they turn into conflicts?
  • How to exploit an objective and turn into an advantage?
  • The 10 main tactics used to respond to objectives.


Winning strategies in sales negotiations

  • How to adapt and use them successfully?

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Negotiations strategies and techniques
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