Managing efficently your international team

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2 days (14 hours)
For a better understanding of the cross-cultural management issues

Multi-cultural teams are increasingly being formed by companies. When professionals are given new leadership responsibility, their success depends on how-quickly they learn people-oriented management skills to complement their expert knowledge. In this course, you gain a working knowledge of the key aspects of management in an international environment and practical techniques for getting the best from people.


  • Build and lead stronger teams based on multicultural respect.
  • Maximise and integrate the cultural strengths of teams members.
  • Communicate effectively at all levels.
  • Delegate tasks and authority while maintaining control.
  • Create world-class team performance.
  • Become a skilled and effective leader.

Pour qui ?

  • Those new to management.


English B1 (Intermediate English) : can understand the main points of clear standard input on familiar matters regularly encountered in work, leisure, etc.


Programme de la formation

Understanding cultural diversity

  • Cultural differences interaction:
    • working practices,
    • work relationships styles,
    • planning and meeting deadlines.


The key benefits of international



  • Exploring the:
    • perceptions and expectations of employees,
    • perceptions and expectations of companies,
    • interaction with multi-cultural subordinates.


Interacting with your multi-cultural team

  • Communication styles and methods.
  • Managing internal communications, cultural differences and change.
  • The virtual team.
  • Coordination of teams.
  • Organization of communication streams and hierarchy.
  • Improving efficiency in multi-cultural teams.
  • Maximizing the benefits of diversity.


Team spirit and motivation

  • Intercultural team-building & synergy development intercultural assignment management.
  • The key word: try to analyze and understand; do not judge!
  • Be honest and get the best out of each culture.
  • Be positive!
  • Exchange and communicate:
    • organize meeting for people to know each other,
    • give a real sense to your actions.
  • Creating team synergies:
    • make people to work together,
    • create a commun culture,
    • setting commun goals and objectives,
    • give a sense for the different teams to work together.


Leadership in an international context/decision making

  • The leadership model.
  • Normative behaviour in decision making.
  • Multicultural decision-making processes.

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Managing efficently your international team
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