International marketing plan

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Which marketing strategies will help the Company attain its overall strategic objectives ?


  • Prepare an international marketing plan for products, brands and markets aligning human, technical and financial considerations.
  • Market Analysis focusing on prospective environment and evolution.
  • Sequence the step for creating a marketing plan.

Pour qui ?

All marketing and commercial managers, product managers, business executives.


English B1 (Intermediate English) : can understand the main points of clear standard input on familiar matters regularly encountered in work, leisure, etc.


Programme de la formation

Executive summary

  • Brief overview of the proposed plan for management review.
  • Main goals and recommendations.


Country introduction

  • Geographical setting ; relevant history ; social institution ; living condition ; language(s)...


Economic analysis

  • Population.
  • Economic statistics and activity.
  • Developments in science and technology.
  • Channels of distribution (macro-analysis).
  • Media.


Current marketing situation

  • Major market segments, size, customer needs and buying habits.
  • Product performance: sales, prices, gross margins.
  • Competition: major competitors, their strategies, product mix, market share.
  • Distribution: recent sales trends, developments in major distribution channels.


Threats and opportunities analysis

  • Identify the main threats and opportunities that might impact markets, products, and customers.


Marketing strategies

  • Specific strategies for target markets.
  • Positioning of products and brands.
  • Designing appropriate marketing mix and marketing budgets driven by major markets.


International marketing plan

  • Marketing objectives.
  • Product adaptations / modification.
  • Promotion mix.
  • International distribution.
  • Local channel distribution.
  • Price determination.
  • Terms of sale.
  • Methods of payment.
  • Action programs.



  • Projected profit and loss statement.



  • What controls will be used to monitor progress.
  • Conducting audits.
  • Making changes.

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International marketing plan
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