Durée : 2 days (14 hours)

Tarif : 1340 HT (déjeuners offerts)

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Lieu : Paris

Prochaine session : 30 et 31 août 2018 à Paris

Niveau : Initiation

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Business writing training

An intensive and highly practical 2 days workshop

Clarity should be the principal goal of writers in a corporate environment. Unfortunately,many good business ideas are obscured by wordy, vague, convoluted writing. In this seminar, participants learn to enhance clarity by improving organization, stream lining sentences, and picking more precise, vivid language.


  • Learn how to write letters, e-mails, memos, and reports that people understand and take seriously.

Compétences métier

At the end of the training course, you will be able to write letters, emails, memos and reports.



  • Know your readers and set goals.
  • Choose strategies based on the goals and readers.
  • Follow e-mail protocol.
  • Use a standard letter and memo format.


Prepare the information

  • Learn how to overcome writer's block.
  • Prepare notes for your e-mail, memo, letter, or report.


Organize thewriting

  • Have an organizational pattern in mind.
  • Use special organizational patterns for some messages.


Introduce the content

  • For e-mails and memos, always write a clear, meaningful subject line.
  • For letters, use a "Subject" or "Re" line if your company customarily uses it.
  • Workshop: Write a clear, e-mail, report, letter and memo introduction.
  • For e-mails, letters, and memos, write a cordial beginning or buffer.
  • State the contents of the e-mail, letter, report, or memo.
  • Write clear, simple, straightforward sentences.
  • Write strong, direct sentences.
  • For reports, write clearly and simply for non technical readers.
  • Use words the reader will understand.


Write a clear document

  • Write the explanations in blocks.
  • Keep explanations of a subject together in one block.
  • Check each block for focus and completeness.
  • Use headings to open blocks.
  • Bold field or data names to identify them as blocks and create lists. Mark the list items clearly.
  • Keep list items in a single list and in same format.
  • For reports, present information in tables when possible.


Write clear, complete explanations

  • Write to build conclusions in the reader's mind.
  • For reports, write clear, complete, relevant explanations.
  • Use key words consistently.
  • Fully explain each concept word or phrase.
  • Use full phrases to define words clearly.


Write a conclusion with impact

  • Write a conclusion that achieves your goals.

pour qui ?

  • The course is designed to help trainees feel they can write a document tomorrow morning confident that it will be understood and generate the desired response.


English B1 (Intermediate English) : Can understand the main points of clear standard input on familiar matters regularly encountered in work, leisure, etc.

pédagogie & bénéfices

  • Training based on pratical workshops.
  • Every Syntaxis business writing workshop is taught by a professional writer with extensive experience writing for both corporations and business publications.
  • Offer instruction in the most common types of written business communications.


Formation sur mesure

Nous pouvons adapter
cette formation pour votre entreprise.

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